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Budding yeast exit module


This logical model (cf. figure below and [1]) focuses on the network controlling mitotic exit in budding yeast. It is inspired by the work of Queralt et al. (2006) [2], which emphasises the role of PP2A down-regulation by separase in the triggering of Cdc14 activation during anaphase. These authors developed a quantitative model for mitotic exit, integrating evidence on the roles of FEAR (Cdc Fourteen Early Anaphase Release) components Cdc5Polo, PP2ACdc55 and Esp1.

This model was then used to update our model for budding yeast core cycling engine, that relied on an hypothetical inhibitor of Cdc14, called PPX, activated by Pds1, in place of the FEAR reaction. Our logical model qualitatively accounts for available data on the wild-type cell cycle, as well as for nine different cycle perturbations described in Queralt et al, in terms of Cdc14 activation.

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Adrien Fauré (C. Chaouiya)

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