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Contacts & Acknowledgments



Please send your comments, questions or suggestions to the public user group GINsim Users at .

Alternatively, if you have a specific question, you can also contact the GINsim team at .


Current team:

Claudine Chaouiya Project coordination
Pedro Tiago Monteiro Software development
Aurélien Naldi Development and biological applications
Denis Thieffry Project coordination


Previous contributors:

Nuno Mendes Software development
Duncan Berenguier Software development
Frederic Cordeil Prototype development
Adrien Fauré Biological applications
Aitor Gonzalez Prototype development and biological application
Fabrice Lopez Software development
Kevin Mathieu APNN export
Thomas Marcq Prototype development
Cecile Menahem Prototype development
Romain Muti Prototype development
Lionel Spinelli Software development


GINsim is currently hosted at the IGC It was previously hosted at the TAGC, Université de la Méditerranée
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